Postcards from Prague

by Dr. Leonard Samborowski & Luanne Westerling

prague3Nichols College has signed a Bilateral Exchange Partnership Agreement with the University of New York in Prague offering Nichols College students the opportunity to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic in an English-speaking university with approximately 800 international students from 60 countries and 125 faculty from more than 30 countries. The school offers a wide variety of programs in a small classroom environment, much like Nichols, making it a good fit for our students. The following degree programs are offered: Bachelor of Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance and Marketing, Bachelor of Communication & Mass Media, Bachelor of English Language & Literature, and Bachelor of International & Economic Relations.

czechmapWhere is Prague? Central Europe, bordering five countries making it an easy train ride to visit other European cities on the weekend. The transportation system is reliable and safe, making it an inexpensive travel alternative for students and faculty.
In June, Len Samborowski and Luanne Westerling traveled to Prague to meet our new counterparts. They rolled out the red carpet for us! Meetings, tours, and a culminating graduation experience at the Zofin Palace have made us big fans of Prague and all it has to offer.


Prague is a modern city in a medieval setting. It offers a rich historical and cultural background to explore. A small sampling of what the city has to offer our students: dinners in Old Town Square overlooking the 607-year-old Astronomical Clock, walks prague2on the famous Charles Bridge, views from Petrin Hill (their very own Eiffel Tower), walking tours chronicling the history of communism, a day trip to Cesky Krumlov–a well preserved medieval village. As an aside, beer is a favorite there, and at a very reasonable price. Perhaps we keep that a secret, and let our students discover it on their own!

prague4While there are a number of valuable opportunities for our students, there are a number of potential opportunities for our faculty. We delivered a portfolio of CV’s from a number of our faculty, and made connections with our counterparts there to start what we hope will be a long-term relationship. Recently, the university acquired two new dormitory spaces providing comfortable lodgings that included fully equipped kitchens. They have offered us the use of these facilities for summer programs as they are rarely used during the months of June – August. Other opportunities might include, but are not limited to: collaborative research, guest lectures on both sides, collaborative teaching in like disciplines. Len and Luanne will be holding a debrief session in September with the faculty who submitted their CV’s to determine next steps, and answer questions.

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  1. Great opportunities for our students. Exposure to international cultures with a European flair. The faculty of UNY-Prague are top notch!

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