A Nichols First: Branded International Internship Program — Dublin, Ireland

by Susan Wayman; Director, Office for International Engagement, PDSO

pic1Sarah Babcock ’17, Accounting, Magna Cum Laude, Skyped her clinching job interview while studying in Spain as a first semester senior. At the 2017 Nichols “Sophomore Shout Out,” Sarah co-hosted the Office for International Engagement table. She told sophomores that her hiring manager cited the Spain study abroad experience as among the top reasons they were offering her a position after Commencement.

Colin Whitney ’16, Marketing, Summa Cum Laude, hosted OIE’s final pre-departure meeting for the Spring 2016 study abroad cohort. Colin told this group of juniors that his junior abroad experience in Rome, Italy was the number one topic at all his job interviews when he got back.

We know study abroad is life-changing; our students come back with a new sense of personal strength that benefits them, for one thing, in their US-based job searches. So what if they could come back with a new awareness of the professional possibilities open to them? Imagine if their post-Commencement job placements were no longer limited to inside the US.

pic2The newest value-added program Nichols offers students is a Nichols-branded international internship semester in the junior or senior year. A cohort of Nichols students may travel for a full semester of international work experience. Up to twelve credits may transfer back to their programs if planned in advance.

In June 2017, I visited the partner group in Dublin to discuss logistics and placements. Nichols is positioned to send a first cohort in the Spring 2018 semester. Students will travel and live as a group, but each will enjoy an individualized placement in a business or non-profit in Dublin City.

pic3During the qualifying semester before a placement, our partner will guide students to tailor their resumes, letters, and interviewing strategies to compete for the nod from international hiring managers and business owners.

As globalization shrinks the world, Nichols students can now be formally encouraged by their future alma mater to consider the possibility that the world itself could hold their career path. To find out how you can join our sending faculty, please reach out to me in the Office for International Engagement x 2230, Fels 314-315.

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