“See Something, Say Something”: CJM Intern Participates in State Police Video

By Kim Charbonneau

This past summer, Criminal Justice Management major Jeff Perez ’18 had the opportunity to intern with the Massachusetts State Police Fire and Explosives Unit. While he was there, the department worked on a Public Service Announcement video, and asked the interns to participate. Jeff was excited to take part in creating such an important message about the role of public vigilance in identifying terrorist threats. The video features interns and others in dramatizations of different scenarios, and offers tips on what the public should look for and do if they see something suspicious.


Here is how Jeff describes his experiences at his internship:

I chose the degree of Criminal Justice Management, because it is a standout program that allows only the best to be a part of it. The chair of the department is Professor Kimberly Charbonneau and she does an outstanding job on the curriculum and how students need to act and present themselves. Professor Charbonneau prepares use to be able to walk out of Nichols College and be ready to jump right into the work force of law enforcement. As part of the curriculum, we are required to participate in an internship. For your internship grade, you must complete 120 hours and write a ten-page paper as well as two case studies.

I did my internship with the Massachusetts State Police Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit. I started in May 2016 and ended August 2016. I worked over 200 hours and it was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to participate in a safety video for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Division. The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, which was the unit I was attached to, was making a video that would show the workers of the Highway Division how to handle a suspicious package if they came across one. My role in the video was to play a suspect that was able to plant a suspicious device on a bridge. It was a great experience to work the members of the Bomb Squad and understand how dangerous their jobs actually are every day.

I fully believe that having an internship gives you the upper hand. It gives you real-life experience and confirms on whether or not you want to actually go into that specific field. The time that I was able to spend with the Massachusetts State Police Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit was an unbelievable experience and confirmed that I want to work in law enforcement

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One Response to “See Something, Say Something”: CJM Intern Participates in State Police Video

  1. Mary Trottier says:

    Jeff certainly had a wonderful internship experience. This was a timely video in light of the very similar event that took place in Boston yesterday. You might want to give some thought to organizing a campus event at which Jeff might present the video and discuss the importance of reporting suspicious activity.

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