Using Twitter to Develop your Research

By Dr. Mauri Pelto

The single most valuable networking and communication tool I currently have with colleagues is Twitter.  Twitter has become the single biggest source for readers of my research. With key colleagues this provides a platform of contact on a daily to weekly basis.  You can be successful without Twitter, but unless you are already an influencer, your influence will be reduced by not using it. There are many different ways to successfully use Twitter.  The video below is a screen capture illustrating how I use it, how I know it is spreading my influence and how it enhances my learning. It is ten minutes long, but that is how long it takes to cover the basics on how this social media platform works for me.

I can guarantee that NASA, National Geographic and Smithsonian would not all have featured my work this year if not for Twitter.   Of the more than 2.5 million views of my work in the last 12 months, at least 60% do not occur without Twitter.

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