Launching Nichols’ Green Screen Productions

by Mauri Pelto, PhD

The Green Screen Studio was opened for academic use on October 14th. This post examines what has been produced in the first month using this facility that so many have invested time, effort and resources in.

The team leaders for academics in this room are Mauri Pelto, Robert Russo and Juliana Cecera. Junior team members Olivia Harbert and Taylor Robohm.  The senior team members have collectively spent over 200 hours in the facility.  Recording has usually been client based, in which we do the filming and editing, or for a class help them with the editing. The focus was on learning to use the room , while providing content for the client. The goal was not to maximize the content which would require more out of the room footage. We have learned a number of best practices for working with entire classes on projects and how to best support that. Our editing training prior to Oct. 14th meant that we have not had any learning curve in that respect, just on facility use.

You see a number of faculty members and students listed below who have already used the room for class projects.  The room is best used for small group projects, introduced during class, but filmed and edited outside of class time, since the facility cannot handle a typical full class of students. We are looking to staff the area on a consistent 30 hour per week basis next semester.  To familiarize yourself stop by and attend a training with Miles Henderson, this training is not on software just on room capability and management.

Clients have included:

  • Sport Management Case Study Competition-Len Samborowski
  • Poetry Club-Marquice Jackson and Emily Pepitone
  • Hospitality Management Interns-Maryann Conrad
  • Criminal Justice Management Interns-Kim Charbonneau
  • Sportswriting class-Andrew Smith
  • Lead/CIS class-Samborowski/Casey-Williams
  • Faculty Giving-Melanie Fleming
  • Study Abroad students- Susan Wayman
  • Honors Students-Mauri Pelto
  • Psychology Program-Psychology Department
  • Business Communication Program-Luanne Westerling
  • Ambassadors-Rachel Ferriera
  • Kaboodl Application-Francesco Posillico
  • Many student class projects-many from Jean Beaupre’s class

Below are examples of the videos produced for some of these clients, this represents about 25% of the production.


Sport Management Case Study Competition


Honors Students


Criminal Justice Interns


Alumnus Adam Bailey on being an RA


Spoken Poetry


Psychology Majors


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